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AnalogueTrash is an independent record label, management, media and promotions company run by Adrian Brian Thompson and Mark Buckley, based in Manchester, England. We've just launched our new label subscription, where you can help support AnalogueTrash and get all of our new releases + back catalogue for as little as £5 a month.

When you subscribe you’ll receive:

► Access to our entire back catalogue to stream via Bandcamp and/or download in MP3 and lossless formats
► New releases automatically added to your Bandcamp account
► Early access to new releases before anyone else
► A permanent 15% discount on merch and physical releases in our Bandcamp store
► First dibs on limited edition merch and event tickets
► Extra tokens of our appreciation with your physical orders
► Monthly blog updates from us, regular artist updates, exclusive demo material/live recordings and behind-the-scenes stuff

All the money that we receive goes directly towards helping us release new music, order band merch, CDs, cassettes and vinyl, put on gigs, promote our releases and support our artists. We've been working hard to build a grass-roots, DIY and artist-focused music business since 2009 - one that's eclectic, accessible and inclusive; and one that champions innovative music regardless of genre, subculture, current trend or fashion. We strongly believe in the power of music to bring people together and affect positive change and that, alongside supporting some fantastic artists, is the reason we do this.

Thank you so much for your support!

Adrian & Mark

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Manchester, UK
Independent record label, management, media company, promoter and artist collective. Manchester, England. Est. 2009.

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